Advanced Project Management 8-9 and 15-16 of November 2018

Beyond WBSs and Gantts, critical paths and international standards, Project Management is just common sense. And, as usual, common sense is based on principles. For Project Management, we believe that there are three critical ones: follow a process based approach in managing project dimensions, focus on the Business-Case and exercise a set of social and personal skills in order to develop and lead the project team and to manage efficiently project stakeholders (the three pillars on which our Smart Project Delivery framework is build upon).

The Project Management Advanced Training will provide the right tools and skills to become proficient in applying these principles and, thus, successfully deliver your projects.

Forms of activity:

  • Presentations, discussions, interpretations, examples, case studies
  • The application of project management methods on real projects of the participants (work group).

Conditions for the session:

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Optional (on request): intensive training session for one day – for PMP exam.

The session ends with a certificate of participation issued by TSP, which students can use it in the PMP certification process (PMI). The course can be continued with a third day dedicated to CAPM certification (PMI).

Financial and logistical details:

Duration 4 days
Location TSP Training Classroom (Bucharest) – Str. Putul lui Craciun 40
Fee/participant 350 euro + VAT (includes related materials)




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