Project Management Fundamentals

Becoming a project manager can be a tough path to follow. You have to be part of the project team, manage parts of projects and, in the end, accumulate the necessary experience to successfully deliver – while leading a team – a full project.

Moreover, applicability of the techniques, methods and methodologies to manage projects can differ from company to company, making a project manager’s life even more difficult.

But, at some point, you feel that you must and want to take the step. You want to lead your first project and be a Project Manager (even a junior one). TSP( is right beside you at the beginning of your career in Project Management. We will help you find and learn the right tools and skills to make sure that, everyday, you will become more proficient and achieve your career goals.

Forms of activity:

  • Presentations, discussions, interpretations, examples, case studies
  • The application of project management methods on real projects of the participants (work group).

Conditions for the session:

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Optional (on request): intensive training session for one day – for CAPM exam.

The session ends with a certificate of participation issued by TSP, which students can use it in the CAPM certification process (PMI). The course can be continued with a third day dedicated to CAPM certification (PMI).

Financial and logistical details:

Duration 2 days / December 2017
Location TSP Training Classroom (Bucharest) – Str. Putul lui Craciun 40
Fee / participant 210 euro, VAT is not included (includes related materials).
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