Servant-Leadership – The Power of Leadership Through Service

The leadership field is comprised of several competing theories. Servant leadership is the only one addressing two critical dimensions:

· Service to others and to own self.
· Growth for both the leader and the followers.

Servant leaders transcend individual self-interest, serving others by helping them grow both professionally and personally thus bringing:

· Greater work performance in the work-force, and
· Higher commitment among workers for their organizations.

If You Seek:

Personal Fame and Fortune
Management style(book)-of-the-month
Leadership shortcuts
Quick, easy fix
This is not for you!

But If You Seek:

Best way to serve your organization
Optimal leadership for your organization
Source of authentic leadership
Most rewarding effort of your career
Sustainable results
Humble, relentless and committed leadership

Then Welcome!

Servant leadership is more than a style of leadership. It is a different way of thinking about the purpose of leadership, the true role of a leader and the potential of those being led.

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